Today we had been to the kite festival at Oostende beach. We travelled from one end of Belgium till another to watch the festival. It was a 3 hour long journey in a Benelux [Belgium Netherland Luxemberg] train.
It was a nice hot windy sunny day all along, a perfect day for spending time at bay, we had a nice time watching 1000s of colourful kites and kite-flying competetions. We roamed around in Oostende city for sometime, and one more thing ..got onto surfing boats and all…
AND not to mention, our eyes kept popping all the time out watching European babes on da beach ;-).


———————-Colourful Kite Festival—————————-

19:00: I’m currently updating my journal from an Internet café; I have come here to double-check my Paris hotel bookings. Righto…tomorrow I’ll be going to Paris. We have a holiday on Monday (Pinsterrin), we got to know about it only on last Thursday,  so we sketched out our plans, booked travel tickets and all in a  hurry on Thursday itself. I’ll update about my experiences in France shortly.

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