Lliving in Mechelen

I did a bit of shopping yesterday. I bought  a SIM card from Lyca Mobile. My mob number is 032493407948. I’ll call all my friends, once I get my mobile number registered ( I am allowed to make only limited calls, till I get my SIM card registered).


Beer is cheaper than Mineral water. Beer costs around 2 Euros for pack of 4 tins (33kL) and 500 ml mineral water costs 1 Euro!!..
We get almost all groceries that we get in India, including pickles. I opened my Bank account at Fortis Bank in Mechelen and bought a Buzzy Pass- Thats what you call a bus pass in Belgium.

At workplace,
On my first day, we had a welcome party at an Italian restaurant and I had my first shots of Belgian Tequila shot :)….Grrrrr.r.rr.rr
I’ve gelld well with my Belgian colleagues, everyone seem very friendly. I have been assigned work on a project called Iris, seems to be an interesting one :-)..
My office is also located in Mechelen, its in the northern part of Belgium. 

This weekend we had to report at the communal, apply for our White Card and complete a few formalities about our stay here. On Sunday we visited Antwerpen central, we spent some time on a Belgian Battle Ship and roamed around in the city. Weekend was good.

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