Back in Bangalore

I got into EMC project, within a few days of me joining TCS Bangalore.
Well, Ive been enjoying my days in Bangalore, meeting friends partying almost every weekend, going around with friends, movies, fun all around. No pressure at work, and add to that I have few of my close friends in my project, so fun at work place as well. At work, I’ve been in good terms with my seniors. I got my TCS confirmation rating- 5 on 5 :-)…

Before joining the project I was confirmed by my PL, that if I perfom well I’l be give an onsite opportunity to Belgium. And after 4 months of hard work in EMC,  I’ve been given an opportunity to work in Belgium for 3 months. It took almost 2 months to get my work-permit and visas ready. I’ll be flying shortly, on 5th of April to Brussels…. 🙂

Look out for my updates on my EuroTrip…

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